Our Approach

Everyone has a story and has been through some form of stress mentally and physically to their body. Creating a quiet yoga studio at the "Crossroads of the Nation" in Wentzville, MO. We offer Hatha yoga classes as well as Gentle, Chair, Senior, Restorative and Meditation classes for the community. We offer a safe place where you can be YOU and inquire more about yourself and grow as a community with like minded individuals.

Our Story

Yoga At The Crossroads originated as Five Peaks Yoga created by Barb Officer and Janice Anderson. Amanda Flowers started working at Five Peaks offering a Rise N Shine yoga class to the schedule as well as Thai Yoga Bodywork. Barb was blessed a new grand-baby and wanted to be closer to her family out of state and decided to create an AirBNB with her family in California. With Barb moving she didn't want the students of Five Peaks to lose a place to come and practice yoga and that is when Yoga At The Crossroads was created. Starting August 2017 Amanda's company of Live Eat Breathe Wellness LLC took over and renamed the studio.

Meet our Teachers

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Amanda Profile

Amanda Flowers

Studio Owner

Experienced - 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

After practicing for a few years, seeing the changes I had made in myself and my body, I decided to deepen my practice and enroll in yoga teacher training (YTT). I enrolled in a 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training at Jane's House of Well-being. After enrolling and attending my first weekend in YTT, I found out of was pregnant with my third daughter, SURPRISE! Going through YTT pregnant wasn't what I had planned but it allowed me to understand from a different perspective, understanding what is and is not safe through all three trimesters and postpartum. After going through YTT and having to learn to adapt my practice to my body due to hypo-mobility (becoming super tight) and experiencing back pain I enrolled in a YTT for Essential Low Back Pain with Robin Rothenberg in Washington State. Learn the principles of Viniyoga and Iyengar yoga through a specific way to heal back pain. I fell in love with the training and currently embarking on my 500hr with Essential Yoga Therapy through Robin Rothenberg.  I currently teach Gentle, Yoga Basics, Intermediate, Open Levels, Private, Group and Corporate yoga classes. As well as Low Back 7 week series and work with clients individually to help bring awareness to their samskaras (habits/patterns).

I have a passion for health and well-being, dealing with digestive troubles since a child and a series of injuries from being an active adolescent. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrated Nutrition and became a Health Coach in March 2017, offering coaching to clients who need accountability and guidance. Recently graduated from Thai Bodywork School at Coach the Body school in Evanston, IL as Thai Bodywork Practitioner.

I want students to know that you don't have to do all the crazy yoga poses you see online, unless you want to of course. I invite you to come to class, discover more about yourself, your inner self and know that you do what you can in class, your body is your biggest teacher, I am here for guidance. Its okay to come to class and rest as much as you want, or be engaged as much as you want, WE offer and hold a safe space for you to inquire deeper into yourself and your practice. Look forward to seeing you on the mat!


Ashley LaFaver

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

I began practicing yoga in 2011 as another form of working out. At the beginning, that's all it was to me - a workout, but after 6 months or so, it became so much more. My outlet, my meditation, my time.

I believe yoga poses should focus on the intention of the pose, not just the way the pose looks. That is what I hope to offer to my students. A space where they can practice yoga that is comfortable and safe for their bodies. My teaching style focuses on empowering, strength vinyasa classes, as well as slow, recovery, and restorative sequences.

I am proud to say I completed my Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Buzz in St. Louis, MO. I am trauma-informed yoga instructor and can come up with variations for poses that meets the need of all students making sure my classes are accessible for everyone.

I hope to share my yoga with you and am so proud to be a part of Yoga at The Crossroads!

Crystal Boschert RYT

Crystal Boschert

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

I began my exploration with yoga in 2007. In 2014, I completed my first teacher training at Jane’s House of Well-Being in St. Charles, Missouri. I was trained to teach Hatha yoga, using the Dynamic Yoga Method (DYM), under Robin Buck, Sarah Kadel, Matthew and Holly Krepps, and other masterful teacher’s. I registered with The National Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and began teaching soon after.
My teaching style is non-judgmental and always tries to encourage growth physically, mentally, and emotionally. Reminding my students to come back to themselves by getting out of their heads and into their bodies. I keep my students safe in their postures by using subtle cuing, hands-on adjustments, and modifications. This helps to challenge each student to reach beyond their perceived limitations, so they can begin to find and understand their own body. I am great with beginners and strives to make each class accessible for all levels. When I am not teaching yoga you can find me at Lindenwood University, where I am currently working on a dual master’s in counseling, or you may catch me out in nature exploring.
Yoga is about transformation of the self, on and off the mat, finding balance with effort and ease in each posture and with whatever life throws your way. Yoga helps to create unity with your body, mind, and breath in practice and in life. I believes that yoga is more than just about form, it is giving you the gift to truly see yourself and allowing yourself to let go of the “baggage” we all carry around with us.

Brandy Gagliano

Brandy Gagliano

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher


I became dedicated to a regular yoga practice when I went to my doctor with severe back pain which also caused fatigue, minor depression, and endless chiropractor appointments.  My medical doctor prescribed me to months of physical therapy and to find a yoga class in my area to attend.  I quickly noticed after physical therapy was over that the yoga was continuing to keep me pain free.  When I would have to occasionally miss my routine yoga classes my pain would surface again.  It was then that I accepted yoga as part of my everyday life.   I applaud my medical doctor for acknowledging the health benefits of yoga.

I am now trained as a yoga teacher in Hatha Yoga in the Dynamic Yoga Method (DYM) by teachers Robin Buck, Danielle Greenwood, and Kate Bee from Janes House of Yoga & Well Being and Matthew Krepp and Holly Krepp from Circle Yoga Shala.  I hold the 200 hour RYT certificate.  I am very interested in helping others discover the wonderful benefits of yoga in their bodies.  Yoga gives me calm, balance, and a healthier mind and body.  Teaching yoga allows me to share these gifts with others.


Kendra Lacy

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

I am a wife, friend, daughter, sister and soon-to-be mama:  An optimistic environmentalist and a slacker vegetarian.  I currently live in Lake Saint Louis with my fur- baby and my husband, Justin.

A former Division 1 athlete, I’ve been described as an unyielding free spirit who happens to dress in business casual. While it’s true I may be a flurry of contradictions (my favorite quote is Gandhi’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” and my favorite movie is Adventures in Babysitting), my unconventional worldview and lighthearted brand of consciousness have become my signature to friends and family.

I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, where my father was a banker and my mother ran a day care out of our home.  My parents’ devotion to the success of their children allowed me to pursue my talents in basketball which ultimately led to a full athletic scholarship at the University of Missouri and the opportunity to travel the country.  My basketball career gave me a passion for lifelong fitness, but it also gave me some inflexible joints and persistent pain.

Suggested by my mom, a long time yoga enthusiast I tried yoga. I quickly saw that yoga also aligned with my spiritual outlook and allowed me to practice mental and physical discipline, which resulted in greater overall balance for me. Having said that, I love a sweaty Powerful Yoga flow. It pushes the limits of your mind and body.

I completed my vinyasa teacher training to earn my 200 RYT in the fall of 2011 and continuing my education hours in Yin/restorative yoga. My deepest passion lies within the power of essential oils on and off the mat.  I believe they are a key element to unlocking our truest potential providing us with the benefits to stay grounded and connected. The growth I have seen in myself and the confidence I've gain since incorporating essential oils into my daily routine have been nothing short of life changing and I look forward to sharing what I've learned with the Crossroads tribe.

Tori 2

Tori Arnone

500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

My YOGA journey first started with a class at the gym. I quickly fell in love with how YOGA made me feel, both body and mind. I knew right away I wanted to share this energy with everyone.

I completed my 200 hour training at Jane’s House of Well-being. Shortly after I continued on to my 00 hour advanced training with Pam Schulte.

I look to everyone and everything as my teacher. As I guide you through practice, I am there to open the door, it is up to you to walk through.

I offer up modifications, and make my class accessible for all. Everyone has a place in my class.

Come practice with me. See you on the mat.

Emily has practiced yoga for over 15 years. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico, and has been teaching since 2015. She has also studied and trained with various teachers in Seattle and St. Louis. Emily practices and teaches Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Throughout her classes, she is committed to finding a pace to the practice that is both challenging and nurturing to the body. She also shares pieces of yoga philosophy, and guides her students in developing meditative habits that focus the mind.

Additionally, Emily has her M.A. in counseling, and has worked with various clients over the years to develop yoga and meditation practices as coping and self-care skills. Emily is passionate about sharing her respect and love for yoga, and assisting her students in developing a practice that meets their needs.

Off the yoga mat, Emily enjoys hiking, spending time with her dogs, riding motorcycles, reading, and lying in hammocks!

Emily-23 small

Emily Ehrhart

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

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