Creating a Community Space

We offer group and private yoga classes as well as Thai Yoga Bodywork and monthly Workshops topics can include, yoga, relieving aches and pains in the body, health and nutrition topics, healing sound immersions and more! We are know as being a small space tucked away in Wentzville in the same building as Wentzville Chiropractic and Acupuncture. We often hear from our clients that they love our classes, teachers and what we have to offer the community. We offer an intimate space for you to explore your journey on your mat.


Group Classes

Attend class with like minded individuals on their own path to discover themselves and creating a sangha (community) together.

Group Class Schedule

Private Yoga Session

Get one on one attention with your teacher maybe you are new to yoga and want individual attention and or to rehabilitate an area of your body after an injury, precise instruction tailored to your needs or receive the class you want that may not be offered on the currently group schedule. We all have our own stories and that is okay, we want YOU to be yourself,  by meeting you where you are, working one on one with the teacher is the best option for you.

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Thai Yoga Bodywork

Did you wake up with a crick in your neck? Or wanting to correct your posture, protraction (rounding) of shoulders? Often referred to as "lazy mans yoga" Thai Yoga Bodywork incorporates the Northern Style techniques of Thai Yoga Massage but adds Traditional Chinese Medicine, compression, active contract and release techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, heat as well as electronic point stimulation to activate and disburse dysfunctional muscle fibers.